Scaling Law Firm Growth with Policies & Procedures

Discover hands-on, reality based, tips, tricks and steps on how to make more money by creating a predicable process for every client that comes in the door!

Friday, December 14th

12:00pm Central

Only 100 Spots Available!

Kristen David Law Practice Management Advisor, How to Manage a Small Law Firm Oregon State Bar No. 002388 

The FREE Webinar Kicks Off In....


During this FREE Online Training You'll Discover...

  • How to track every lead that comes in the door to measure your firm's ROI (and keep you sane)
  • How to ensure your potential clients have an amazing experience & become raving fans 
  • How you can onboard clients easily & predictably every time
  • How lawyers like you are taking control over their time and build a business that makes a big positive impact on the world.

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