Law Firm Business Dashboard

The Law Firm Business Dashboard

The only Dashboard that exists for Solo & Small Law Firm owners, to track the metrics related to the BUSINESS of running your small law firm. 

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How has the Dashboard helped hundreds of Solo Lawyers?

Why you need to be tracking your numbers and your goals.

Tracking metrics helps you understand exactly what's going on in your law firm.

Which leads to knowing exactly where your profits are coming from.

Which allows you to generate MORE PROFITS and give yourself a better life and financial freedom. 

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Discover How Regularly Tracking Goals Has Improved the Lives of These Solos:

How Does This Dashboard Work?

This one-of-a-kind Law Firm Dashboard only works if you have specific goals you want to achieve, and you are consistent about entering your numbers every week. 

The 3 Goals you must be clear about in order to Have a Law Firm That Serves YOU and Gives you Freedom are:


What effects does your law firm have on your personal and family life? Are you happy with the number of hours you’re putting in every week? How about the number of hours you're clocking per year? Is it working for you? Or would you rather shave 2 weeks off for a vacation? These are all metrics that indicate your personal satisfaction with your business, and these numbers are tracked in the dashboard.


You started your law firm with some idea of how you wanted it to serve you professionally – You knew what type of clients you wanted to work with, what you wanted your office culture to be like and how you'd like to position yourself in the community and amongst your peers. The Dashboard will help you decide exactly which tasks to put your attention to, and how often, so that you can meet your goals quickly and easily and without wasting time on tasks that don't support your vision.


This is a straight forward metric – How much does it cost for you to live the way you really want to live? That is the number that you need to net out of the business and take home. Therefore, how much revenue does the business have to produce for you take home the amount you need to support the life you really want – not the life you’ll settle for. The Dashboard is going to help you stay laser focused on that number you want to hit. It's also going to give you a bird's eye view on where your money is coming from, where it's going to, and how you can align your day to day operations to make sure your bottom line is falling in your favor.

What are other solos saying about this tool?

"It's been great for acountability and not being able to hide from your numbers, and being an adult and run a business."

- Jenny Bradley, Triangle Smart Divorce

"The Dashboard has really helped my law firm because I don't need to go in excel and create charts myself. I can see the charts, the spikes and lows, and take that back to my CFO and figure out why did this happen in X month, what are some of the things we can do in the future to avoid the same consequences?"

- Zaira Solano, Solano Immigration Law Firm

No other Law Firm Dashboard tracks these Goals 

Sure. You can keep a spreadsheet or download a tracking template, print it out, fill it out and rinse and repeat week after week...if you remember to. But those resources typically focus on numbers alone and leave it up to you to decide what to measure.

So why not download the only Dashboard that takes you step by step through a system that fully integrates your firm with your life and gives you a comprehensive view of your big-picture blueprint.

If you're not already doing this, you're leaving profits on the table.

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Once you’ve set goals for yourself and your law firm, you’ll be able to enter the weekly metrics that matter MOST to help you achieve these goals. 

And the best part is, you don't have to guess what those metrics are. The Dashboard gives them to you.

The only way for you to see trends develop and have an understanding of whether or not you are tracking positively towards your goals, is to actually enter these 3 weekly metrics:


Are you happy with the life your law firm business is allowing you to live - the amount of hours you work and the number of your kid's activities you make it to? 


Does your firm give you the professional satisfaction you set out to achieve when you started it? Are you working with the kind of clients you want to be working with? Do you feel like you're making an impact and enjoying the level of influence you imagined? 


Is your firm providing you the income that allows you to live the life you really want to live? Not the life you are settling for, but the life you really want fo yourself and your family?

This is the easiest way to manage and measure your progress. The most successful law firm owners take the smart and courageous action of knowing and tracking their numbers. This is not a long and dragged out process - it only takes a few minutes each week to set yourself up for a massive boost in your income.

When you are consistently entering your numbers, you start to discover your patterns. You'll have a crystal clear picture of whether your firm is producing enough profit, what's working in your favor and where you need to pivot if something isn’t working before it’s too late and you end up behind your goals and with less money in your pocket. 


Smart Law Firm Owners Spend just a Few Minutes a week to track the metrics that move the needle. And they do it with The Law Firm Business Dashboard.

Start using the only Law Firm Dashboard that tracks the metrics that lead to greater profits for your firm & more freedom for you