Free Teleseminar - Dec. 27 | 3-5 PM ET

Planning to Make Your Law Firm More Profitable in 2019

Thursday, December 27th

3:00pm Eastern

Only 50 Spots Available!

50 MORE spots available!

RJon Robins

RJon Robins 

CEO & Founder, How To Manage a Small Law Firm

The FREE Teleseminar Kicks Off In....


During this FREE 2-Hour Teleseminar You'll Discover...

  • How to use your calendar as the PROFIT Generating Tool it was meant to be.
  • The real secret to creating a Law Firm that works for YOU, so you don’t spend 2019 working like a slave for your law firm!  
  • How to identify some of the “causes” that keep producing the “effects” you keep complaining about, and learn about some different “causes” you can build into your plan for 2019 to produce better “effects” for you and your family, that you'll be much more happy to celebrate, this time next-year.
  •  How your calendar can help you spot a cashflow cruch early-on so you can actually do something about it!

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